What if…

I was watching a documentary about near death experiences, and I wondered, “What if we are like pioneers?” What if there were at least two realms in existence. Hard rock and then fertile ground (heaven). We creatures living on earth are breaking down the hard rock so that it can […]

Journey to Millions of Years Ago!

Humans have been ‘civilized’ for a very short time. If reincarnation is real, then our time driving around in oil eaters and sitting at computers writing posts is marginal in our soul’s lifespan (for older souls at least). Even if you solely focus on human incarnations, our real modern […]


In this post I might seem high and mighty at points. I’m a hypocrite. Now you want to read, eh? (Seems like a plug that will keep everyone from reading this post.) I love air conditioning, but it keeps us out of touch with nature. During my childhood […]

The Communication Cure

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:
I think this is my favorite TED talk ever! “The CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence, Dr. Neha Sangwan is an Internal Medicine physician and corporate communication strategist empowering healthcare practitioners, organizational leaders and corporate employees in their own self-care. Dr.…

What is this awakening?

It is amazing, while looking over the intuitive blogs I have discovered, there is a constant belief that this is a time of mass awakening, and soon the world’s energy level was going to shift. Someone in my intuitive group also said that they were noticing a lot […]

The ghost of Alice

While on vacation with my sister and my toddler nephew I was sleeping. I was in an interesting dream about the house falling on me when I was in Detroit, and all the peace I had taken for granted (between democrats and republicans) coming to an end. Then […]