What is this awakening?

It is amazing, while looking over the intuitive blogs I have discovered, there is a constant belief that this is a time of mass awakening, and soon the world’s energy level was going to shift. Someone in my intuitive group also said that they were noticing a lot […]

The ghost of Alice

While on vacation with my sister and my toddler nephew I was sleeping. I was in an interesting dream about the house falling on me when I was in Detroit, and all the peace I had taken for granted (between democrats and republicans) coming to an end. Then […]


Think of how big our universe is. All those stars reaching out far beyond what telescopes can see. We cannot hold the size of the universe in our minds. It is so much greater then what we know. Now think of parallel universes. Not only is our universe […]

Pixie hair

Please have a cup of matcha. I am feeling a little discouraged in my Intuitive Quest. I ask myself, Do I really want to be psychic? (I know Intuitive is different, but they are linked.) I have heard/seen psychics who are overwhelmed by all that goes on around […]