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Writing my homework

I believe of the Earth as a school that our soul attends to learn. Matt Kahn describes it as an Angel Academy, but I had this belief long before I heard of Matt. I learned it reading NDE’s. We are here to learn, and when I write in […]

I am strange one

I have finally found a reason for living. I wrote about it twice, one being “I have a purpose now,” so I will let the old post explain. In short, after so many years of wanting to die, I found a purpose to living through helping my family. […]

Growth is continuous

Growth continues. No matter the topic, there will always be someone looking at it the first time. We start with nothing. Right now, I wonder how many people are stumbling onto what will become their life’s passion. How many people are discovering what makes them smile most. I […]

Spirited Humans

Hello, Over at AngelicView there is a long article about Spiritless Humans. I will admit that I did not read it all yet, but what I did read was thought provoking. For a long time I have been confused about the Souls of sociopaths, and the more extreme […]

Journey to Millions of Years Ago!

Humans have been ‘civilized’ for a very short time. If reincarnation is real, then our time driving around in oil eaters and sitting at computers writing posts is marginal in our soul’s lifespan (for older souls at least). Even if you solely focus on human incarnations, our real modern […]