Attempts at past life regressions

With all the power today, and in other days to come, I could not resist attempting a past life recession. I am using Doreen Virtue’s Past-Life Regression with the Angels. This regression focuses on past lifes that need healing. I mainly was curious. But I have this feeling that I have been blocking out my psychic powers all my life out of fear. There are reasons in this life why I would do this (Growing up in a Catholic school I was in the belly of the beast.), but reading Doreen Virtue’s How to Hear Your Angels pulled out a feeling I sometimes have that my block is past life related.

Now I am unsure about the validity of the regressions as I cannot pick up what my name was in any of them. I am still a beginner in this and am afraid my ego might be getting in the way.

1) I was a women in the middle east who was a weaver. I had a husband and children. For a reason I am unsure of I was stoned to death. I think I was wrongly accused. I think my husband was in the crowd who stoned me.

2) I was a beautiful asian wife. Who lived to a ripe old age, and appears to have at a boring life. (Those are sometimes the best.)

3) I was a little girl in Europe (I think England). My mother was burned for being a witch. No one would take in the child of a witch so I died outside of a cold in winter. I was mad at pretty much everyone as I died.

4) I was a medicine man who was highly respected. Everyone looked up to me so I felt very alone. I lived to a pretty good age before being killed by a bear while gathering herbs.

Even with my efforts I still feel a block. 😦

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