Month: October 2015

Dream of Disclosure to Self

Hello, I have found that watching Wisdom Teaching by David Wilcock leads to some pretty interesting dreams. The first night after discovering the show, I had a dream of all the inside information David Wilcock could not reveal on the show, being told to me through shows. I, […]

Cool Imaginings

Welcome Readers and World, I have very few repeat themes on this Blog, the only post I repeat the image for so far is the “Last Night’s Dream” kind of post. This mainly happens when I remember a dream. Usually if I remember the dream a long enough […]

The Blame Game

A flower blooms exactly when it is ready to. You do not force the flower open before the natural moment. Do not worry of time past, but of the future ahead. Remember to Love the one upset at not blooming faster. Yet, more importantly Love the one who […]