Month: February 2016

One Last Post?

I’ve been in such a strange mood lately. After a need to express my biggest secret, I felt I had alienated my readers. I expressed to honestly, and with too much detail. Afterwards, I worked myself into such am emotion that I turned my Blog to private. All […]

Quiet time

I took down my latest post, as it is something that is easy to misunderstand. I got no views on that post, but I have a feeling some started to read it not finishing. I have been quiet a while, absorbing information, thinking. I am the quiet sort, […]

Why No Channeling?

It hasn’t felt right to Channel lately, it felt too much like I was hiding behind the one being channeled. So I have been trying to speak for myself. Even Channeling my Higher Self, would be reaching for a source thought to have more authority then me. I […]

Dreams: I Love You

Last night I fell asleep repeating, “I Love You.” Even in my dreams I was conscious enough to continue the repetition. There was a pause between each “I Love You.” I didn’t realize at first, but I was silent on the inhale, and mentally said “I Love You” […]