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The Hermit and the World

I’ve been in the Hermit mode maybe a little too long. Long before lockdown. As an Introvert I expressed myself best in writing. Perhaps it was my Virgo Sun and Libra Moon, signs for a deep thinker. I got ever bolder enjoying the feeling of writing with passion. […]


Hello World, I am sorry I am not posting as much. I am trying to keep a flow of quality posts going, but you may have noticed the amount I post varies. Inspiration is like rain, and when it rains it pours. I, however, am in a dry […]

Inspiration Block

This isn’t about writing or art’s block. It is related though. Before I was very into the New Age, but I started to question it. I guess society’s stereotypes of the New Age began to influence me. I read scientific arguments against New Age beliefs, and began to […]