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Last Few Days and Reaction to Matt Khan Energy Update


It was but Five Days ago, and I wrote a post on needing something to change. Well, it seems Matt Kahn’s new video is about making one bold new change every day. Seems we are on the same page. You might have noticed I had stated I was going to take a break from Spirituality. The past Five Days, I also have not done any artwork… or at least I did less of it.

I was even going to take a break from Matt Kahn, but then the Tzuyu controversy happened and I felt helpless. So I practiced my “I Love You’s” while listening to the rest of the first Angel Academy 1, and starting 2. While paying attention with the extra energy I would normally have used to do artwork while listening. On each breath in, in my head, I said, “I Love You,” and each breath out was a similar silent “I Love You.”

I even went to bed one night early because I was so tired. I repeated “I Love You,” while breathing thinking I just needed a little rest, then I would get ready for bed. I feel asleep. Which if I go to bed at 7 or 8, I always wake up at 11 or 12. So at that point, I got ready for bed and listened to Matt until I was ready to fall back to sleep.

One night I dreamed that I was going to just take one class in 3-D modeling. This was just to warm up, then I would decide on the area to return to school in. I went through a number of realistic ideas. One was teaching art to disabled children. I don’t remember the others.

When I watched Matt Kahn’s Energy Update, I had to take several breaks. Mainly because I was watching in a Higher Resolution than normal. I had decided to pay $5 extra a month for faster Internet after witnessing the lightning speed of my parent’s Internet over Christmas. I am paying more, and I still don’t have even close to the same speed as my parent. I was determined to enjoy the $5 more by upping the Resolution as high as it could go on the Matt Kahn video.

So even with my faster Internet, at the highest resolution on such a long video… I had to take many breaks. So when what Matt Kahn was saying triggered a thought in my head, I followed it with internet searches.

First, I looked to see if a 3-D modeling class was open at the local community college. Then I concluded that the area I am most stagnant is physical activity. I didn’t much feel like walking in the winter but wanted to go swimming in an indoor pool. Later in the video Matt Kahn said that people who ran, should switch to walking, and people who walk, swimming. I guess we were on the same page again.

I looked up the price of the local YMCA and am thinking of joining next month. (It costs money so have to budget each month.) I will try to swim once a week, at least. When the new gentle Yoga classes start up, I will try joining. They are in the middle of classes right now. When Kyle Grey joined a yoga class, he went with the hardest kind (without realizing) and he lost lots of weight. I considered this but discovered those classes way too early in the morning for my liking (or even the bus schedule’s liking.)

So I am going back to school soon, my school being the YMCA. I have been unable to diet lately, but if I become more active, I will likely become more healthy. I do not understand this block to dieting I am feeling. Almost every time I think of going back on Weight Watchers, I get this strong, “No!” feeling.

Next time, I finally start getting a “Yes” to a diet, I think it will be unlike any I’ve tried before. I think it will be just naturally transitioning to eating healthy without needing to track.

I feel particularly discouraged with Weight Watchers because, due to my Hypothyroidism, I gained all the weight I lost in over 6 months dieting back in two to three weeks. I wasn’t even eating that unhealthy. I reached the point I started at, and suddenly stopped gaining. I’ve been at the same weight for one year since then.

It is important that I spend less time in front of a computer, and more time doing something else. I am also trying to fix my sleeping hours again. Every week I plan on getting up an hour earlier than the week before until I have more daylight in my life. This will enable me to spend less time on my computer because there are more buses running earlier in the day. Late at night, I am often trapped at home with little to do other than surf the internet.

I am feeling particularly entrapped this winter. As my second job starts at 3pm and goes till 8pm Tue-Thus. If I don’t get up early enough I cannot do anything before hand, and afterwards, there are not that many more hours the bus run. So I just stay up till 2-4pm on the computer. Then I get hardly any sleep for my other job where I have to get up at 9am on Sat.

So my goal is to start getting up at 8am.

Furthermore, I might have to do some non-digital artwork to limit computer time for a while. It will be nothing fancy as I have cheap supplies. I bought lots of good paper when an art supply store was going out to business, but not they were out of everything other than paper, and a few random things. So I am going to be using child quality oil pastel on professional quality paper… sounds like fun.

I might pick up something better because that feels a little like a waste. I wonder what I can budget in. At times like this, when I wonder where I could find a third job that fits into the schedule of the others. I don’t want to leave either of my jobs. Even if my second only pays $50 a month.

I wish there were a job application site where you put in the hours you can work, and they matched you with jobs. Yesterday, I even started looking up a job at Starbucks, hoping I am recovered enough to remember how to make countless drinks. Then I thought about my speed of motion and thought about the speed needed as a barista… I didn’t go far in that application.

One thing at a time. I will tackle the third job after I fix my hours. Yet, my plan is to list my limited hours, instead of saying I am wide open to applications. I don’t care what others say, I want only certain hours, so that is that.

Why so much change? Because I need a change in my life, and Matt Kahn better explained to me why.

My bold move today was getting up at 12pm. I might try 11:30am tomorrow. (I am someone who has trouble getting up on only 8 hours sleep most of the time, so getting up on less is a challenge. Yet, I need to if I want to fall asleep early the next night.

I totally didn’t plan on writing this much.

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