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The Matrix

Once I was pondering the matrix concept and decided to assume that we are indeed in a matrix. One very important point stood out to me that the movie, ‘The Matrix,’ was viewed within a matrix. This means that the matrix wants to be known, it is hardly […]

Clock Approaching 1am

Surprisingly my energy shifted quickly today. Was riding in the passenger seat and looked into the eyes of a stranger who looked mildly annoyed with me. Suddenly the mood shifted and when I got home, after eating, I decided to block out external stimuli and seek inner guidance. […]

Diverging Realities

The day is quiet again, if you ignore the T.V. on in the other room. My cat Jemma is rolling on the carpet and playing with her cat toys. Today is another day, I guess. I told myself yesterday that I would sit down to write today. And […]

The Button Castle

I am reading about how our beliefs create our reality and part of me wants to test it out by using my beliefs to create a castle instead of a button. You see Abraham Hicks says it is as easy to create a castle as a button. That […]

The Hall of Realities

The world is filled with realities, each one walking around on two or four legs. Today I have entered the Hall of Realities instead of the Hall of Mirrors. Yet, in a way each Reality offered is a mirror. You can tell a lot about a person by […]

Painting my reality

I have been watching many youtube teachers. Such as Bentinho Massaro, and Matt Kahn (True Divine Nature). I have also been seeking guidance from blogger Laura Bruno, and reading the blog Angelicview. In the past I’ve read angel books by people like Doreen Virtue, Kyle Gray, and Lorna Byrne. I […]