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News on Bashar’s Site

If you are a Bashar Fan, you might have noticed some changes to his website. Noticeably, the site has changed from dark blue to white, and layout differences are present. I think a classic move by channelers has been made, instead of Bashar.org, it is now basharchanneledbydarrylanka.org. I […]

The forbidden words…

  Is it really coming around the corner? This great transformation on all levels. Where the corruption boils away, and pure water remains? The story of humanity is filled with metaphor. The World written like a story. There are archetypes and plots. The Channelers are speaking of change […]

Channeling of Michael

Ahh, it is a blessed time. For many Channelers are sensing the energy of change, and some of you are getting upset that the spaceships have not landed. They are there, but you cannot see them. They have been there for longer then you think. Lisa, channeling this […]