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If I were a poet…

If I were a poet, I could capture this feeling in verse. Yet, words in eloquence were never my strong point. I was in the lowest reading level at my school. My communications are often misunderstood. It is hard for me to explain my concept of God, beyond […]

Not quite sure

The impact of the jade faded. I am not sure if it is just chance that the jade changed my dreams do much. I continue to amass gemstones to put under my pillow. I am hoping to recreate the effect. Maybe my mind adapted to the jade, The […]

The first sign

When I asked for signs from God I looked outside at a wind chime. If a wind blows it down, my sister takes it down, it breaks and falls, or something else brings it down that will be sign number one.  Today my sister and me brought a […]

Could I be great?

As a child I secretly wished to be a saint. To see God or Mary, but such things were not meant for me. Why? Because saints are humble. Someone with the goal of being a saint is not humble. Someone with this goal only does good deeds in […]