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Sigils? Chaos Magic? Art

Hope you all had/are having a wonderful holiday. I am thinking of creating magical artwork to manifest. Apparently, using something called a ‘Sigil’ is common in something called ‘Chaos Magic.’ The above artwork was designed to have manifesting power and to draw a joyful holiday season to me. […]

What I see…

I ran across a simple, but beautiful image at Girl Loving Life In this image I saw two Monks holding hands… Below is the outline of what I see. Only the Heads are covered by Hoods. I failed to capture the beauty, but maybe this is enough for […]

Step 1: The Art is the Artist

After thought on the Historical question of what Art is, I have noticed the ever increasing distance from identifying the image as Art, and more of a realization of the Artist being the Art. This is something that an Artist needs to realize. That the image they create […]