Reporting in for Coffee

Yesterday, I ate lots of sweets and today, today I am not sure what to eat just yet. Maybe I will go to the coffee shop, in which I’d be torn between supporting local business or Starbucks.

I remember the day when I hardly had any Starbucks throughout the whole year. I frequented a place called Espresso Royale which has recently closed its doors without plans of reopening. They returned most of the artwork I had on their walls, but one ended up missing. Yet, I am not upset that the piece of artwork went missing because I had been thinking of giving away the artwork in Espresso Royale.

In case you were wondering which small piece I didn’t get back, it was the canvas print of this bird which I drew in another coffee shop called Roasting Plant Coffee, April 26, 2018. Thankfully as a digital artist I can just reprint, but I am thinking of adding my signature before I ever reprint it.

The two bigger pieces of artwork are now on my apartment wall and my intuition tells me that someone liked the smaller piece so much that they walked off with it. It was a manifestation that resulted from me wanting to give the artwork away.

I haven’t settled down to create digital art in a while. Sure I’ve thrown together a few pieces for my photoshop class, but we are still learning the basics. I know the basics of photoshop already. The images I put together so far are just completing the requirements of the assignment to show I know how to use basic tools like ‘Wand tool’ or ‘copy and paste.’ We will get to the more complex assignments after the entire class has a better feel for how to use the program.

Speaking of Starbucks, I am seriously considering working there now that my library is still in limited services for the semester. They have a ‘now hiring’ sign up. I guess I could use this time on unemployment to create digital and written art.

I will be better in the flow of writing later today or tomorrow. As happy as my cat Jemma is purring next to me on the chair, I did not get into a flow of writing by starting on just any topic this time. I think because I am a little sleepy. Coffee, yes a little coffee might get me into talking mode. Maybe that is why I feel compelled to talk about coffee shops.

One of many photos I have of Espresso Royale cups

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