Anything but…

Greetings Readers, After the first two weeks of Summer being a vacation, things have been extra busy the next two weeks. I have a job interview at a very good location on Wednesday of next week. I am going to be trying on my oldest interview outfit that […]


Is it liberating?

In the “Whatever, Arises, Love That Retreat,” there was a man who asked a question about exopolitics. I was unfamiliar with the term exopolitics, but could guess based on the context. In short, he was vaguely referring to the secret movements of Government/Cabal. If you have followed these […]


Withdrawn: Sorry

Instead of explaining in comments individually, I am writing this for all who have noticed me commenting less lately. It is just one of those times when I not only post less on my Blog but when I start to read the posts of people I follow, something tells […]

I Recognize the Divine In All

I was listening to music, this video is a perfect way to uncover emotions deep within. The singing has such Emotion, and because I do not understand Korean, he could be singing about anything. Listening to it I realized how deeply hurt I was by the Negative Forces. […]


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