Dream: Fire/Garden


I was at my apartment, but this time with my Mother and Father. They were asleep, and I noticed smoke coming from the radiator. I looked inside and saw fire. I went out in the hall and asked my neighbors if their apartment was on fire. “Yes!” So I woke up my Mother and Father, and we proceeded to collect everything we didn’t want to lose from the apartment. I couldn’t find everything, and searched and searched. In the back of my mind I was thinking, In a fire you are supposed to run out, and leave items behind. Yet, still I was searching through the apartment to fill up suitcases of things I didn’t want to lose. The firemen came with their hoses fighting the fire below me.

Throughout the dream the fire was growing, and I was searching for my iPod touch. And my cords. And my computer. The fire never reached me, but the frustration of searching while in danger loomed.

Another dream I had last night included my garden. I had gone on vacation and forgot to ask someone to water it while I was gone. The basil had turned deep black, and all the plants looked near death.

I went away to my childhood home, and had attended a graduation. All around the students had pink or blue hair. Dyed that way. There was another student who wouldn’t stop following me around. He even followed me into the bathroom, as I needed a shower. I pushed him out, and locked every door (this bathroom was two rooms, 4 doors). I started to shower, but this student figured out how to get through the locks. I was angry. I complained to my eldest brother.

Then it was time to check the garden again. I hopelessly walked to the garden thinking everything was destoried, only this time the garden was in good condition. A gardener nearby said it was common for plants to dry out to the point of turning black, and be perfectly fine the next day. I noticed some weeds in the garden that were massive. I weeded without my gloves, pulling up my sleeves to cover my hands.

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