Input/Output and Happy Holidays

I was going strong with posting, inspired and in the flow. I had only missed posting one day in December, but I post when I feel the call to do so.

I could feel it, the switch, as it moved from Output (writing posts) to Input (reading/listening). It is best to go with nature, and post when inspired. Sometimes that means many posts, and sometimes not.

The day has just worn down, and I am at my computer to browse. All it will take is the switch to flip, and I might be posting more even tonight. For example I just thought of posting a Christmas song to go with the Christmas image.

Hopefully this will make your heart sing. Because, just maybe, this could be the best Christmas you have ever seen. I’ve had this song in my head the last two night falling asleep. I almost remember it word for word.

For me, it hasn’t been the hardest year of my life. I’ve had my dark nights, as is to be expected from someone who has been receiving care for a health problem so many years. Yet, I am hoping even those who haven’t faced their hardest year, will find joy in this Christmas. The Channelers I read, have picked out this December as being special. Yet, we don’t need permission to make it special.

I have been focusing on the negatives of Christmas for a long time. The stress, and cold icy weather. It often isn’t until Christmas eve that I begin to appreciate the season. This year is different. I hope you too, can feel the Holiday Spirit.

Whether you celebrate Yale, Hanukkah, Christmas, or the countless other Holidays that happen to fall in this Season. I welcome you to feel the Spirit of Celebration. Make the World a Happier Place by Starting with the Man(or Woman) in the Mirror.

It is a powerful song, but it doesn’t show how important it is to Love oneself. It implies that that you are wrong and need to change, but perhaps the Change you need to make is seeing the beauty in yourself.

Love yourself to free yourself from the limitations you have placed on yourself. Those limitations you place on yourself often end up being placed on others. I do not believe that a person who truly Loves themselves would be able to be Racist. The Racism results from the lack of Love of oneself being reflected on another.

If you can Love yourself before Changing what you didn’t like, what you don’t like will transform through the Love into being some of your best qualities. Those that Love themselves are more able to help those around them feel Love.

So instead of saying, “I’ve been a victim of a selfish kind of Love.” Love the part of you that is Selfish. It is only Selfish for Love because it thinks Love is limited. Once it drinks its fill of Love, the Love that you can offer yourself from a well that never runs dry, there will be no need to be Selfish. For Love is an unlimited resource, the more you offer yourself, the more you have to offer others.

So do not look into the Mirror to Hate yourself, but Love. Bless yourself by being Happy this Holiday season, and those around you will feel your joy. Even if they do not show it, joy spreads based on the look on your face alone. Some are able to feel the joy inside you. So realize the power of your own smile. Starting with yourself, it can change the World.

Holiday Blessings. I suggest, if you like Holiday music, start listening to your favorites. Otherwise, just listen to your favorite Music. Positive music that makes you smile. Music has a kind of Magic to clear away negativity, and raise the spirits.

Holiday Stories, remember your favorites when you were a child. Watching them, not as an adult, but seating by your inner child, might remind you of the feeling a child has in the Holidays.

I am one of those ‘adults’ who loves children’s movies. Some adults cannot stand them. I guess despite my serious nature, my inner child is still intact enough to see some things from a child’s point of view.

See the Input/Output switch flipped by just listening to one song.

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