light_blubWish those around you exactly what you want to see in your life. Speak blessings to others for what you speak to others is heard in your own ears too. Complement others with the exact loving phases you wanted to hear all your life. This is a form of Abundance you can freely spread to others, and what you give to others comes back many-fold to you. When you see a quality you want in another, such as richness or health, do not despise but only wish more goodness onto them. When someone attacks you with words of hate, they are not really speaking to you, they are speaking to themselves the words that hurt them so much.

The language you share with others often ends up being the language you think within your mind. So use interacting with others as practice. Treat others well so that you will treat yourself well. When you wish another “a wonderful, outstandingly amazing EPIC day” you attract that same day to you as well. Only now another has heard from you the way they should speak to themselves.

So we show others how they should treat themselves, when they are looking in the mirror, by honoring them with respect. The freest form of currency is spent during the interactions we have with each other. The healing balm of kind words can be spent over and over. The effects of its power only spread out to the world around you, until it returns having grown exponentially.

Thus is the power of your throat chakra. It turns the power of the heart and mind both into the physically manifested form. It is where the heart and mind merge. From which, you can speak with the love of Jesus and the wisdom of Einstein. One of the greatest tools towards manifestation are the words you speak. Greater perhaps than the thoughts you think. For words potentially have the power of both the heart and mind. So much so that the power of kind words towards another can override the power of a negative thought.

Really, words are thought is an audible form with the emotion of vibration and the power of action. Realize the power you hold to transform with this chakra. Words cross dimensions from my Universe to yours. So I say to you, blessed beyond compare are those who learn to use the power of this chakra with wisdom and love both. Powerful yes, is the wisdom and powerful equally is the love. Yet, they form wormholes of vibration that transform all creation when they merge together as one.

There are vastly more chakras both above and below the ones we know. The power of the Underworld from deep within Gaia where the Power Animals Roam is pulled up like the roots pulling minerals from the ground through the heart and into the throat. The power of Heaven, Angels, Space and Beyond is shone down like the rays of the Sun through the mind and into the throat. The power of the chakras, enter the world through the throat.

… Not sure exactly why I am writing this way. Yet the flow ended there. I only have one more thing to say. You have a fully activated throat chakra. It is activated from the groundedness (emotion) of Gaia and the wisdom (thoughts) of the Higher Self. If the Higher Self lost its connection to you. It would lose its ability to connect with the Underworld and manifest in the physical. It would lose the root that connects it to its heart. It would become like a powerless computer able to compute, but unable to live. There is no way for it to lose you, but we in the physical are ultimately the connecting links between Gods Wisdom and Love. God feels through us like he feels through all animals. Yet, we are in the middle ground between Wisdom and Love. The animals are a bit more towards the feeling scale and a bit less towards the wisdom (depending on the species.)

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  1. There might have been some sort of of shared vibration recently between lightworkers or whatever term you might use. I say this because the night before last I did some inspirational writing. From what I have gathered, this is what Edgar Cayce promoted as an alternative to automatic writing. In automatic writing one goes into a sort of trance in which an outer entity is controlling what is being said. A person’s own consciousness is not necessarily present. This means they could be unaware of what they are writing until they read it. With inspirational writing (as I gather thus far), one simply flows out words as they enter the mind without overthinking what is being written/typed. This is a method of channeling the higher self as opposed to allowing a separate entity to take control. I believe that a higher power or some other type of entity could send a message through this method as well. I believe in this way it would be more like dictating a message to you for you to share as opposed to taking control of you to deliver a message. This post of yours here seems like it may be inspirational writing. That would be quite a coincidence for you to post within perhaps half a day of me also doing inspirational writing for the first time in a while. Also, it is amusing the picture you chose for this post when the writing I did (and have not yet posted because I want to edit first if I decide to post) was about how being a light for people can cause negative attention because it can make their shadows more visible.

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