Bentinho Massaro

Empowerment Lesson Under way


Trinfinity Academy has two main areas of study. Enlightenment and Empowerment. Feeling myself already Enlightened enough, after all my years watching the Spiritual community, I am taking the Empowerment Area.

After days of contemplating if I wanted to move forward with the studies, I decided if I didn’t at least start the Empowerment Course, I would always wonder what it was like. I am still on the two week free trail. I need to know what I am accepting or rejecting before just rejecting it because I feel I am Empower myself.

I might not be talking too much about Trinfinity, even if I do pursue the Academy past the trial period. I run into a tricky area once teachings have a price. I wonder how I can talk about the topic, and not violate copyright. As an artist, I am very respective of copyright. This is why I make my own images for most of the posts, when it would be easier to copy and paste.

I have been missing the teachings of Bentinho Massaro ever since he stopped posting weekly on Youtube. So I am going to be discovering if Trinfinity is right for me. Too long has it been a question mark. I already have enough questions marks in my life.

I figured I would report in on starting the Empowerment course. Even if I will need to create more images soon.

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