Diverging Realities

The day is quiet again, if you ignore the T.V. on in the other room. My cat Jemma is rolling on the carpet and playing with her cat toys. Today is another day, I guess. I told myself yesterday that I would sit down to write today. And so I do. Here in the chair that has become my chair with headphones on but no music is playing.

It is time for me to start doing something of something again. So I write. I realize I am also a talented artist, but I have to be in the correct mode to create art. Usually I get the inspiration when I am traveling to create artwork. I have improved over the years, but I am not sure how, because I can go so long between creating art.

Diligence is not my strong point well at least in the area of art and writing. I am plenty diligent at looking up and consuming esoteric ideas.

Did you also get that surreal feeling when all this lockdown started going down? Everything seemed so unexpected that if the Event happened during that time (an ascension event that has been prophesied for quite a long time) I do not think I would have been that surprised.

Yet things have settled down into a new normal since than. I am in a part of Michigan that is still very much in lockdown. Some regulations have been lifted, but many remain. I realize that many places are further along in lifting the lockdown.

I will not judge which way is right or wrong when it comes to the lockdown. I fully realize many are protesting, but I am remaining home as my workplace is not open and there are few places to go to. The words silent consent popped into my mind as I wrote that.

The truth is I don’t know where to go for creditable information on whether I would protest or consent. It seems like two realities exist, if not many more. I am simply waiting for these realities to separate so I can discover which one I ended up in.

It seems that a person needs to decide which source is trustworthy to pick a side in this fight. When I was little I thought about writing a book where two sides were against each other, but neither one was wrong. They just had differing points of view.

I think this is very much what this country has turned into. Passionate warriors who driven by different information sources. Sources whose credibility can easily be drawn into question on both sides. In fact the sources regularly criticize each other was being biased (not the good kind of bias.)

So I watch both sides of the game. I pull out of the game to observe and discern. It is not silent consent, but realizing the power of one’s own choices. Acting wisely. When action needs to be taken it will be very obvious. For now my intuition is telling me to wait.

As an introvert spending more time to recharge my batteries is hardly a punishment. Sorry extroverts your introverted friends will hold your hand… metaphorically.

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