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Messy Room: poem

Messy room. Dim Night. Hours late. Moonlight. Chai. Hardly touched. Hours past, Pouring. Never a poet. I tried. Lacking confidence, I failed. I cannot capture in word. Or picture. Even the essence of this feeling.   They speak of accession. A New World. They speak of deception. The Old World.   […]

Not quite sure

The impact of the jade faded. I am not sure if it is just chance that the jade changed my dreams do much. I continue to amass gemstones to put under my pillow. I am hoping to recreate the effect. Maybe my mind adapted to the jade, The […]

The Communication Cure

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:
I think this is my favorite TED talk ever! “The CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence, Dr. Neha Sangwan is an Internal Medicine physician and corporate communication strategist empowering healthcare practitioners, organizational leaders and corporate employees in their own self-care. Dr.…