Dolores Cannon: “Back-Drop” People and More…

I keep thinking about this video. I have two reactions to what Dolores says about “Back-Drop” People.
One is how horrible it is to label people walking around you as inferior.

The second is that, at times, I have wondered if there are “Back-Drop” people too. Actually hearing someone speak about it, has pulled it out of my unconscious. (Like when in a creative writing class someone starts talking about something so obvious you didn’t even stop to think about it. I am always grateful for this because now I can focus on it.)

Belief in “Back-Drop” people is dangerous. It is only logical to take the next step into believing you are the only real thing. That would be a depressing world indeed.
At times in my life I have wondered, “Am I just making this all up?” Once I told my brother, “Isn’t everything just in my head.” I meant that my senses were all processed in the brain.

I am amazed, sometimes, that I have put faith in there being anything outside my brain. I wonder about how I came to accept what I see as real. I have built beliefs on so many abstract concepts. Things I believe just because someone told me they exist. Why do I even accept Dolores Cannon as real? I have only seen her through the computer after all.



AngelicView: Dolores Cannon gets her information from her clients under hypnosis. What she talks about the most here is “back-drop” people (see also “Spiritless Humans“). So when she says, “they say…”, the “they” she is talking about are her clients who are under hypnosis. If you want to learn more about the teachings of Dolores Cannon, then go down to the Category Cloud in the lower right of this site and click on Dolores Cannon.

This is an excerpt from the Ozark Mountain Publishing Transformation Conference (TC) held in Springdale Arkansas July 2013. The other woman who sits on Dolores’ right is Julia Cannon, her daughter. The man’s name is Guy Steven Needler, and I had never heard of him before, but I liked what he had to say.

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