Month: December 2015

The Last Day of 2015

Say Goodbye to 2015, as its last hours pass. As the sun sets today, tomorrow comes the New. Will the promises be kept? As the many disciples of Hope gather around their own particular master… so many of which are making promises of Gold. In fact so many […]

Sleepy… zzzz

It is been a high energy time. After the Full Moon on Christmas all the planets went direct. I can react in varying ways to high energy days like Solstices and Equinoxes. Often I just K.O. as early as possible on those days. It was a good Christmas, […]

Happiness Engineers?

I find that this banner keeps on appearing fascinating. I hope the Happiness Engineers return soon. I am losing count of how many times I’ve seen this banner today… after never having seen it before. Has anyone else seen this? You can also see how much I have […]

A Early Merry Christmas

I thought I would send you Season’s Greetings before I get so busy on Christmas I forget. Even through I found the Hollow Earth’s Santa discouraging, because even if I believe in the magic of Santa, I don’t take the story literally. Santa, to me, is a representation […]