Month: July 2016

The Student in Me: Conversation

At times I feel like a student, even without official schooling. In the Angel Academies, I am being healed listening to the healing of others, but I am also learning how to talk with others when they are speaking of their deepest troubles. I find it amazing how […]

Is it liberating?

In the “Whatever, Arises, Love That Retreat,” there was a man who asked a question about exopolitics. I was unfamiliar with the term exopolitics but could guess based on the context. In short, he was vaguely referring to the secret movements of Government/Cabal. If you have followed these […]

Withdrawn: Sorry

Instead of explaining in comments individually, I am writing this for all who have noticed me commenting less lately. It is just one of those times when I not only post less on my Blog but when I start to read the posts of people I follow, something tells […]