Month: April 2016

Internet Snail Slow

I filmed a video to Upload as my first every vlog. However when the Upload time was 16 hours, I gave up. Perhaps the time to visit a lab with faster Upload speed is needed. Before giving up on my Upload, I pulled the cable from the wall, and […]

Following Excitement (confusion)

I did decide to invest in Bentinho’s Academy for at least one month. I have been following the lessons almost everyday. Its funny when I come to the Three Day Process lesson, is when I start having doubts about many things. I follow my excitement, but cannot imagine how […]

News on iPad Pro

After spending a great deal of the amount I had saved, I got it in my mind to simply buy the iPad Pro with a monthly payment, however, first I called up my sister to talk it over. She asked me: “Did you ask Mom for help?” Me: […]

Empowerment Lesson Under way

Trinfinity Academy has two main areas of study. Enlightenment and Empowerment. Feeling myself already Enlightened enough, after all my years watching the Spiritual community, I am taking the Empowerment Area. After days of contemplating if I wanted to move forward with the studies, I decided if I didn’t […]

Adventure of the Day

I’d say the the biggest adventure I had today was attempting to use the techniques of a Neti Pot, with no Neti Pot. I was unable to go out and get one today, and requested my sister to help. She was too tired today, and I would have […]