Chatting over Iced Tea

It is a good day for writing is it not? The birds outside at the bird feeder are fighting over the remaining food. If I fill the feeder too often it disappears faster and faster as more birds discover it.

Interesting the process of writing, whereas the page starts out as blank as a fresh canvas, but by putting little wiggles of lines on the page a conversation can be held. At times I wonder what my thoughts would be like if they were not based in language.

The time before I knew language was so long ago my thoughts mainly enter as English and it is feelings that exist beyond the realm of word.

While mainly joyful jumping from one form of entertainment to another, at times I wonder at the life I am not living as I get drawn deeper and deeper into the Internet world. Most my pursuits are solitary, yet personality tests only put me as about 60% introverted. I do enjoy to talk. I do enjoy company yet, I often prefer talking to one person instead of in a group.

Well, anyway, here I am in my make-shift coffee shop that mainly serves iced tea. The quality of tea here is much better than Starbucks. It is often cold brewed to contain half the caffeine of normal tea, but twice the antioxidants.

There is a lazy boy chair in this coffee shop next to a window lined with plants. Friendship plants, in case you were wondering. The view is of a balcony with bird feeder and wind chimes. Currently there are two pots out on that balcony filled with soil waiting for plants to go into them.

Which reminds me to check the shipping on the two spider plants that will go into those pots. They are being shipped open root and I hope it goes well. I wonder how many days they can survive in the mail. I’ve never ordered a plant that would be shipped without soil before, but I had just enough soil from my repotting left over to fill two extra self watering pots that should be the right size for the spider plants.

Sometime in October I will feed the plants, excluding the spider plants because I am giving the roots of my plants enough time to put out new growth after repotting. New roots are sensitive to plant food. I know that I was going to feed them at half strength to begin with, but I am being extra careful.

Just gazing at my Friendship plants now. They appear healthy. It is time for the conversation to naturally flow to another topic, because the phone rang and I talked for a good amount of time. I re-read what I wrote to get a bearing on what I was writing before being distracted.

Can I revive this post after the distraction or do I just go into forming an ending for this post? Maybe a sip of tea will help me decide.

The cold brew tea is mostly Fortnum & Mason’s Wedding Breakfast Tea mixed with a little Oolong Tea. I like mixing different teas together when making a cold brew. I used to mix a little strawberry green tea with forest berry green tea because I found the strawberry taste too strong if I only did a strawberry green tea cold brew.

The Wedding tea I am drinking is indeed from a wedding where there was a lot a tea left over after the ceremony. From that wedding I went home with a few centerpieces of succulents and tea. I think the florist had never intended the centerpieces to become long lasting plants because of everyone who took them home, only one centerpiece survived past winter. Yes, one friend had a good run, and made it past winter, but could not keep them alive.

I have done plenty of research to ensure that my current plants survive the winter months. First off, all of them like indirect lighting to begin with. Secondly, I plan on keeping the temperature above 65 degrees all winter. (I am hoping for no power outages.)

I forget if the year of the succulents was the year of the polar vortex in which a Michigan power plant had an issue so they asked all Michiganders to lower the indoor temperature to 62 degrees, or was it lower? Perhaps the florist did make centerpieces that could survive, it was just the indoor temperature was low enough for long enough to kill succulents.

At least the heater held up that winter. I remember the heating going out in the middle of winter so the apartment complex had to pay for hotel rooms until the problem was fixed. I was living with my sister at the time. I went to my parents house with my nephew, because I was able to ask for days off work. My sister had to work so stayed in the best hotels in the city knowing she would be refunded.

I did have to spend one night in a hotel before the heater was fixed as it is not a good idea to ask for too many days off. It was an old hotel, right on campus. We walked to a pizza place for dinner.

I just realized this chat is getting long. If I stopped to find another topic now, we might end up with a long post indeed. This year my posts have been consistently longer. It seems every year I write my posts just grow and grow. (I know because I can look at my average stats for each year.)

So I will be saying goodbye for the time being. I hope you enjoyed something about this post. I am writing more conversationally and less analytically overall this year.

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