The Second ‘I Love You’ Dream


This started out very dreamlike. I remember in the dream a co-worker recommending that I read the New (Cabal) Bible written by Bill Clinton? That is apparently how he became famous, he was the cover name for a New Bible and just like is rumored with Shakespeare others were telling what to write behind the scenes.

The co-worker asked if I had ever read the Bible.

I said, ‘I tried, but it was too boring.’

‘This one is much more entertaining right from the beginning.’

Then the dream started to morph to a not as normal dream, as I went to grab a coffee drink at work, I found myself in the room I was sleeping in. I was in bed sleeping, but out about in the bedroom was a scary blob. It was flattish, gray colored, and had a texture like silly putty. I am unsure why it was scary, but I proceeded to reach out to this being and say, “I Love You.” I kept on repeating this phase until the blob crawled into my side where my liver is. Then another such blob being came, and I repeated, “I Love You.” I was scared the whole time but proceeded to focus on sending out Love. This blob also climbed into my other side, and my sides felt heavier.

Being in fear mode, I wondered if it was a good thing to have big scary gray blobs inside one’s body, but I continued to repeat, “I Love You.”

Suddenly, I heard children’s laughter, outside my window running in the sky, were children. One was rolling in the sky, in a wheelchair. I floated over to him, put my arms on his shoulders and said, “May you be Blessed with the ability to walk.”

Then a female child came in my room. I will admit that I was still in scared mode, making everything scarier. The laughter had been like that out of a horror movie, and here was a spirit girl, when movies try to make girls spirits the scariest.

I said to the child, “I do not see you. (And I am a little scared.) Yet, I Love You.” So I preceded to repeat, “I Love You,” again. At this point, the deepness of my sleep has worn away. I found myself awake. My sides were still heavy from the blobs, and I wondered if they would make me sick. I sent Love to the Blobs again. Then I realized this was a bit of a Soul Retrieval.

What they don’t seem to realize in Soul Retrievals, is we are all one. Every Soul out there is a potential Soul Retrieval. An Official Shaman reading this might think that two Entity attachments had just been made, but, if we are all one, an Entity attachment is an unwanted piece of the self.

In essence, we are all pieces of the Soul of God. Those who learn to radiate like God, with Love attract other Souls to them, in a Soul Retrieval. However, if the person doing the attracting does not ‘give the Entity attachment a bath’ the Entity might continue to pursue attachments to what it felt important in life.

So I proceeded to bathe the two gray blobs with Love. I welcomed them in with Love and don’t intend to reject them by seeking a Shaman to pull them away.

After I was content with sending Love to these two beings, I radiated Love a bit. (I stated, “I Love You,” in no particular direction.) Then I recalled the little girl and sent love her way. At some point, I was content with the amount of Love sent mentally and radiated Love without the words as I feel back to sleep.

(There’s 11 advanced grammar error in this post, the grammar police are free to spot them… like iSpy.) I am using Grammarly to improve my grammar but am not paying to access the Advanced Grammar corrections. So I know there are no Basic Grammer errors in this post, but 11 advanced.)

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  1. It can be difficult to be so loving. We are conditioned to love those we know who have impacted our lives positively. To love strangers, especially those who scare us, is not so easy. The light within a person can help illuminate the darkness in another. Just be sure to tend to your flame so that others do not sap out too much of your energy.

    • I’ve lived with low energy, before, for many years. In comparison, I have plenty of energy to spare now. My flame seems to just burn brighter the more Love I send out. At some point I know to naturally stop.

      After reading David Wilcock’s latest update, I had to send them Blessings last night. At some point, you either fall into sleeping repeating blessings or you feel that enough has been sent to focus on sleep now.

      So I used the Solstice/Full Moon for good use. At least it gave my mind time to slow down before sleep. They say the more intelligent the person the harder a time they have falling asleep. So I must be a genius. Which is why Melatonin is my friend. Only I need to save that for the days I especially need it, so as not to become dependent.

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