Dream: An Important Stuffed Animal


The early morning hours have been ticking away, close now it comes to afternoon. By the time I am done writing this the sun might be high in the sky. Thankfully last night I managed to sleep, but my dreams were on the surface level of sleep. I was vaguely aware of a great deal of them, even if I can barely recall. In the dream words would pop out to me as if filled with meaning and power. Yet, I do not remember these words.

I recall, in the dream, traveling to the back yard of the house I grew up in. There I found houses that I could enter and when I entered I changed dimension of the empty houses were filled with a community of people. I took my nephew when he was around the age of 4 with me. We traveled far. Climbing up into trees and down ladders.

However, at some point I lost him. So I traveled back in time to return to the original community I had walked into. I carried a Stuffed Animal that somehow was going to help me get my nephew back.

In the community I needed the help of a certain man to do the magic to get my nephew back. Only his daughter told me that he was drowning in water. So I followed her into the woods to a river. I put the Stuffed Animal down on the shore and jumped in to save him.

The daughter accidentally knocked the Stuff Animal into the water. I was forced to decide between the Stuff Animal and its potential of being my Nephew back and the Father. As needed the Fathers help to get the Stuffed Animal to work, I saved the Father.

As I pulled him out of the water the daughter started running along the shore looking into the water to find the Stuffed Animal. She jumped down a steep cliff into the river because she saw the Stuffed Animal floating along. She was swept away by the current and the Father and myself followed her by climbing along the edge of the rocky cliff. The rocks were unstable and we fell into the water too. The current swept us to a side lake where we found the daughter and the Stuffed Animal.

I picked up the Stuffed Animal joyfully and the Father pointed out to his daughter that a Stuffed Animal rabbit she once owned was also on the edge of the water. She did not care. She walked into this part of the woods and started talking about the music.

The alarm work me up. I do not know what was to happen next. So that is a short summery of a much longer dream that included a lot of walking around the back yard/in the woods. The dream was a bit more weird in it I was supposed to give birth to my Nephew, and I think you know what the ‘magic’ was.

Here I am someone who never wants children and I am dreaming about having a child.

Categories: Beginnings, Dream

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