The self perpetuating box

A little while ago, my sister was encouraging me to post politically on Social Media maybe perhaps explaining the reason I vote. I have actually addressed that topic before and I sent her a link to that post. (Speaking up: Black Lives Matter) I am not sure it was what she expected to read.

When I see Social Media I see many self perpetuating boxes. In each box are those who follow certain beliefs and they share images/words that reinforce those beliefs. Yet, because so many people shut out/block out belief systems they do not believe in, these images/words remain within the group.

Two people can look at the same image, say of Trump or Biden and feel the opposite response. So on Social Media I see (insert political name here) attached to (insert negative or positive message) all the time. Those who agree with the message like the image/writing maybe commenting positively. Those who don’t agree ignore, comment negatively, or block.

This is the social game where even those who choose not to speak up for (insert political name here) and bash (insert political name here) are looked negatively upon and sometimes unfollowed for not speaking. I do not like to play into the political narrative, even if by picking a side I could get a following.

My sister was asking me to join the noise of self perpetuating belief systems. Perhaps it would do me good to pick a belief system and create my reality around it. Yet, I know that when a person looks at the belief system another holds, they are not viewing that belief system, they are viewing their own judgments about that belief system. Usually they view it the way the self perpetuating box has told them to view it.

I try to see what is really there and I look at more than one belief system. I listen, I observe. Perhaps I cannot escape my own prejudices.

As much as I love my family, I do not hold their belief systems. Perhaps they assume I do and I let them assume. The way I talk about living, in the middle of so many belief systems, is so there can be intersectionality. It is not an easy task. For the belief systems are so polarized that those who pay attention to other belief systems are being kicked out.

I guess the world is cutting out the middle man. That thought made me smile. When you cut out the middle the two sides are separated. What was once one becomes two. The trains are diverging everywhere I look. Within those two that can no longer communicate is a new middle. Kind of like a cell that has divided once and will likely divide again.

Speaking or not speaking is an action. A person should speak if they feel called, but vilifying those to do not speak as enablers? I am well aware of the narrative on Social Media. I have actually spoken a number of times and long before it was trendy in the social sphere.

I am not sure people on either side of the political debate would be particularly happy with my words because I do not speak as I am supposed to. My speaking does not build up their belief system. Yet, I do not say exactly what they expect the opposition to say because I am not opposition.

I am simply the middle.

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