I feel a little silly and self-centered. I am focusing on my problems when in the Philippines so many people need help. I did donate money, and am often tempted to donate more. Yet, the way things have been going, there will be other disasters to donate to.

Ten years ago, did you think that there would be so many record breaking natural disasters in such a short time. I keep on wondering, how long before I am the one losing everything? I do pray that things will settle down.

God has blessed me in many ways. Here I am warm with electricity, and as much water has I can drink. I have a family I can meet with tomorrow.

Looking at the predictions from so many different sources, time is limited. It somehow feels like the beginning of a book. A simple book where everything starts out normal, and then… If I do survive, my life would be a story worth writing. Likelihood of me surviving is low. My medication would be suddenly cut off, and withdrawal from my medications can include death.

This ended up being a depressing post. Sorry

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