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Why aren’t you dead yet? Why are you “you”? – Bentinho Massaro


I had forgotten how on point Bentinho Massaro can be. At these times, I ponder joining his Academy. I quickly answered this question before listening to the whole video.


I choose to still be here. After about 10 years ago trying to kill myself, I gave up and lived each day waiting to die. My condition slowly improved. Reading Near Death Experiences took away my fear of death. I slowly went further down the esoteric road. One day I had a revelation about fear, and no longer fearing what I could not see. A blogger commented that I had mastered Spirituality 101. I realized that mastering this life course was the reason for my life. Now I had the choice to naturally die or continue. Vaguely I pictured death coming for me. At that same moment, someone was walking down the sidewalk coughing horribly like death. I was given a choice that a great sickness could come. “NO!” I thought, “I want to live here in joy. I want to learn in joy.” So after completing my life mission of Spirituality 101 my new mission was to learn how to learn from joy instead of pain.

Let me explain. The site I am talking about is AngelicView. I had reblogged, “Did Russian Cosmonauts See Winged Beings in Space?” a little over a year ago. Writing

It is actually quite beautiful. I got an almost chilled out feeling for a moment. The Unknown entered my mind… you know that feeling. I tend to be able to handle the Unknown pretty well, but at times I am still that child afraid of the dark. The human nature of, “What I don’t see can hurt me.” I’d like to pretend to fearlessly face the Unknown, but that is a lie. I just cannot let myself hold onto that fear to the point that it hurts.

It is true that perhaps the only things to Fear is Fear, but that doesn’t mean we should deny our human nature to fear. We came here to be human, that includes all the parts we deny. Perhaps that is why Shadow work is so important. So we can live as full humans, accepting the fact we are human.

There is much I do not understand, as there are so many teachings on Earth. So many beliefs, and I can get caught up in them. So caught up, and then this belief doesn’t match that one. Do I fear the Unknown or fearlessly face it?

The Shaman says to fear Spirits attaching to my Soul, and that parts of my Soul can break off from me. That setting up a sacred circle is important before Soul journeys. That many people get trapped on Earth after they die, afraid to pass over.

Is my Soul really in such great danger, when so many NDE’s say we are God itself. Do I really need to fear, and set up sacred circles when I am a part of sacredness myself. The world is sacred already without having to call on elements to create a sacred space. Every inch of this world is sacred. All of creation is sacred, and we cannot be divided from it, right?

So fear or fearless?

Even if I am not God, as some NDE’s say, don’t I believe in God? Yes, that is on of the few things I am certain of. God is Love. I’ve felt Love. Love is powerful. I can feel it connecting me to others, and connecting those others to others. Magical how so many are connected by it. Can you not feel that powerful Love inside you? If Love is a part of you, and God is Love. Then at least a part of you is God.

Furthermore, if God is Love. He will not leave me in hell. My Soul’s journey might take me there, but I will not be there forever. Love is powerful enough to not let itself suffer forever. Am I making any sense?

I think the point of a sacred circle is to take away our fear, and give us the courage to journey freely. When we leave the known confines of our ‘normal’ reality, we fear. Through fear we can create on this journey things to fear, but only through fear do they have power over you? In the realm of a Soul journey, at least. The things I encounter on a Soul journey are just as much for my growth as in the things my Soul choose to face in the ‘real’ world. Only manifesting happens so much faster without the confines of the physical to slow it down.

The response to this was… as you already know from my youtube comment…


In my opinion, you have such a powerful command of Spirituality 101 🙂

I never replied to this comment. Yet, I took it as a sign from the Universe that I had completed the course I came to study.

I had also been putting much thought into the concept that when we suffer it is in order to learn a life lesson. Remembering how young animals learn their survival skills by playing with each other, I felt it was the time we remembered how to learn through play. I was tired of the timeline of suffering. It was time to rewrite the lesson plan.

I have followed many breadcrumbs of joy. This is how I discovered all my spiritual teachers. I have been listening much to Matt Kahn, but now feel I need to branch out again.

I am seriously considering returning to Trinfinity Academy. I need a different perspective then Matt Kahn’s, and Bentinho hasn’t posted a long video in a while. I am seriously in need of a new teacher.

Bentinho seems to be highly focused on the Understanding. Whereas Matt Kahn says that Understanding will disappear as you evolve. My ability to Understand Bentinho has certainly decreased. Yet, when I do understand he is full of wisdom.

Perhaps no, this is not the breadcrumb trail to follow. Even if I got the whole analogy of following breadcrumbs of joy from Bentinho. Perhaps I already learned from him enough, or else he would still be releasing free videos weekly.

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