It is difficult to write about the topics I do without alienating a lot of people. A lot of what I write comes off as a religion.

When I first entered into a more intuitive world, and started my research, I noticed a lot of people have a similar problem. Back then, I was the one feeling alienated. Yet, at the same time, a lot of it was inspiring. It was the moth being drawn to the flame. It felt so natural to keep on reading, but was I ready to accept what I read?

An intuitive group started meeting in my city. I was on Meetup looking for real friends when I spotted the group. I thought that, even if I didn’t make friends, it would be interesting. I had been thinking of many ways to make good friends. I was even tempted to join a religious group just for the get-togethers.

Sadly, I started working on the day that the intuitive group meet, and have not been able to attend a meeting for some time. I did attend a psychic fair, they put together, not long ago.

Anyway, I was writing about… well writing, and will return to the planned topic. When I started writing about intuitive topics, I told myself, I would keep the viewpoint of the outsider in mind. I have failed at this. Sorry.

I have been watching SHINee’s new music video ‘Everybody.’ If you want to see an incredable dance check it out.

If you want to see the dance more, here is a practice video of the dance.

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