Month: June 2016

I Recognize the Divine In All

I was listening to music, this video is a perfect way to uncover emotions deep within. The singing has such Emotion, and because I do not understand Korean, he could be singing about anything. Listening to it I realized how deeply hurt I was by the Negative Forces. […]

Something has changed

  The strangest thing has started to happen of late. Whereas before, when I wanted a Spirit to leave me alone, it would bug me still. Now Spirits seem to be respecting that boundary. I did not cast a circle. Though I do sometimes call on the Angels saying, […]

The story unfolds…

I’d say overall Monday is a good day. Brenda Hoffman always has a channeling on her Blog, and David Wilcock always has a Wisdom Teachings Show released. The thing about, Wisdom Teachings, is often once the weekly episode is over, you are waiting for the next week. I […]