Month: June 2016

I Recognize the Divine In All

I was listening to music, this video is a perfect way to uncover emotions deep within. The singing has such Emotion, and because I do not understand Korean, he could be singing about anything. Listening to it I realized how deeply hurt I was by the Negative Forces. […]

Summer: Down time

Just a pinch of caffeine to get me out of sleepy mode and into writing. This is one of these many times when I have no idea what I am going to be writing. Sigh. A number of topics to write about have come and went. Briefly, I […]

Pendulum Diet: Report so far

It has only been a short time on the Pendulum Diet. I report that my Pendulum (and the Weight Watching Angel Behind it) has been making healthy choices. My only unhealthy choices today arose in the Grocery store when I was too shy to pull out a Pendulum. […]