Month: November 2015

Keshe Foundation

This is a video from the much talked about Keshe Foundation. It seems that they have been selling prototypes of their work since 2012. I have never actually come across someone who has a prototype. There are plenty of hits under Keshe Foundation Scam, but that is to […]

Hollow Earth Network

Greetings, I was taking a break from David Wilcock, it was night, and I didn’t want to sleep yet. I had run across the Hollow Earth Network, in a youtube video.You might have seen this kind of video where the text as a robot voice. Well I cannot stand […]

Dream: Cameras Glore

This is a dream about technology in the field of Cameras. I was visiting Laura Bruno’s site, and strangely enough she had decided to Blog about a new kind of really cheap camera. On this dreamed post, it showed a picture taking by a camera that sells for […]

Comparing K-pop to Motown?

Youtuber, Tay Zonday, compared today’s K-pop to Motown saying, “Maybe K-pop is South Korea’s Motown Era.” After seeing this video months ago, the comparison has been on my mind. Tay Zonday was pointing out that K-pop’s training of people to be Idols is similar to Motown, but I […]

New World Coming

There was something about the Music of the 1970’s that today lacks. This is an example of what you could once find on T.V. A New World was coming. If you so much as compare today to the time this was sang, you will see the song was […]


Thank you readers, A majority of my readers are American and will be hanging out with family. Even though Thanksgiving is known as the Family Disfunction Holiday, send love to everyone. If you can radiate Love, everyone will feel it. It has been years since I have had […]