Growth is continuous

Growth continues. No matter the topic, there will always be someone looking at it the first time. We start with nothing. Right now, I wonder how many people are stumbling onto what will become their life’s passion. How many people are discovering what makes them smile most.

I remember attending a lecture and hearing a simple, but profound idea. The life purpose of some people is to discover their life purpose.

Thinking about this now, I wonder if we all had this life purpose in a past life. A whole lifetime dedicated to deep self discovery that will enrich all lifetimes to come.

I realize that all lifetimes are for deep self discovery, but I am talking about a pivotal lifetime we all face.

I wonder how many common markers our lifetimes share. Did we all sign up for a college? Each lifetime would be like a separate class. We are trying to get those credits to graduate. Yet, something about this college seems endless.

What are we learning all this for? Do we have careers after life? Does someone, who spends their life gardening, spend their afterlife caring for the souls of plants? In their next life, do they become an environmentalist?

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