Month: August 2015

Vacation tomorrow!

Hello, I have not yet been to the beach this summer. Luckily my Uncle is renting my family his beach house for a reduced price. (Sometimes he refuses to cash the check for the rental.) My day preparing did not go as planned. I woke up at a […]

Oracle readings

I got this feeling that I should write a post, through I have no idea what to write about. I just sensed my fingers moving on a keyboard, and expression coming from either my heart or mind. A combination of both. The feeling from my heart is translated […]

Seeing Tarot Cards everywhere

Fellow Blogger TimEBush is creating his second set of Tarot Cards. Evidence here. So I was browsing my normal K-pop news sites when I came across a story of Girls Generation on allkpop. Girls’ Generation have trouble breathing due to stage effects during ‘DMZ Peace Concert’ This is not […]