A Game of Hearts: Art and Blog post

I am already a little sleepy even if it is only 9pm EST. I grabbed a iced tea and hope that will energize me enough to make it to bedtime without keeping me up at night.

I have two pieces of heart art to update readers on. One was done listening to Esther and the other Matt Kahn. These tend to be the two teachers I listen to the most lately. I also listen to some Darryl Anka from time to time.

Made listening to Esther Hicks

The first is an addition of another Purple Heart 💜. This is also inspired by BTS which is why there are seven hearts inside the big heart. The stars on the outside represent the ARMY (BTS’s fandom.) So this is a slightly abstract way of creating fan art.

Made listening to Matt Kahn

This second piece was created today. I actually warmed up trying to create some real BTS fan art, but my portraits don’t always turn out so I deleted that and moved on to abstract fan art again. I now almost wish I hadn’t deleted the portrait because maybe I could have fixed it. It started out well.

In the heart piece above I created a flower garden of hearts again you can see several different kinds of flowers even if I am not sure what their real life counterparts are in the plant family.

Now I am settling down into the night hoping I can make it to a good time for sleep. When I go to bed at 9pm I usually end up waking at 11pm. My aim is to go to bed at 11pm. I am feeling extremely dehydrated today.

There are times when I feel extremely dehydrated and no matter how much water I drink I still want more. My roommate usually lets me have a magnesium and mineral supplement in water when I tell her this. It seems to cure the thirst quickly. I need to make a note to get her to tell me the name of that supplement now that she will be moving back to Arizona at the end of this lease.

I started feeling sleepy when my weighted blanket arrived. I pulled it out of the package and tested it for about 15 minutes. It was so relaxing that it felt like my cells released a little of the toxins they had trapped inside. Kind of like they say to drink more water once you’ve had a massage. I decided to get up so I didn’t fall asleep, but have been feeling dehydrated ever since.

Later in the day I listened this week’s Total Integration teleconference a second time while doing artwork. I think I would have napped if I were not occupied with creating art.

Made listening to Matt Kahn

I decided to list who I was listening to when I made the artwork. Can you notice a difference at all based on who I listen to?

Made listening to Esther Hicks

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