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The ‘I Love You’I paradoxically do not say


If you have ever followed the teachings of Matt Kahn, you will find my meditations repeating “I Love You,” are lacking in a certain element. Matt Kahn teaches to say, “I Love You,” to yourself while I am always sending out Love to Others.

Honestly, I get bored sending, “I Love You,” or blessings to myself. I need a situation like that of an Idol of a group I follow being sick or placed in an unfair controversy (Tzuyu.) I need something to activate my empathy while at the same time making me frustrated with my powerlessness in the situation.

Yet, taking the Tzuyu situation as an example, I really wasn’t powerless. Not only was I able to send Love, but I was writing posts on the controversy. I even called out the Hacker group Anonymous when they were attacking JYP Entertainment, stating that they were attacking the victim. Not many people have read that post, but a few did.

Part of me wonders if my post could have found its way into the hands of the right person to make the group rethink their plan. This is the way the Universe really works, synchronicity, where a little post on the Internet, read by just a few, can change the course of K-pop history.

Yet, the events that happen to me, do not stir up my empathy and they do not make me feel powerless. Therefore, I am more likely to take action then send out blessings. Yet, it has not gone unnoticed that I am not following the teachings as I was taught.

It feels more natural for me to be Service-to-Others. Such as working many hours in a Part-time job with no payment or donating to others. The Channeler Brenda Hoffman has been pushing for us Service-to-Others Individuals to find more balance in learning, in essence, to send “I Love You” to oneself in word and action.

Here is her latest post. I did not yet finish the post, as reading it inspired me to write this post. Perhaps I will Reblog it as well.

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