Month: May 2017

Time to ponder and decide

I just watched Unacknowledged, yet I think there is a deeper truth even more unknown. I think that the Universe is ultimately designed perfectly. It is a Spiritual Universe at its core. Therefore, if the government is designed in such a way there is a deeper unseen reason […]

I shall attempt to write. As for a big meaningful topic. My mind seems to be blank on that. I have been doing much quiet pondering and examination of the world around me. My Diet is going to be a slow one, and in the end very uncomplicated. […]

Mostly Healthy: Learning as I go

After reading the book ‘Why Women Need Fat,’ I have a few questions that will require further research. While searching for this I came across a book called ‘Get You Fats Straight’ by Sarah Pope. It included helpful information on how to Eat a Higher Fat Diet even if […]

Walk into work

So what do you talk about on a New Age Blog when everyone is already divine and therefore just as wise as my most wisdom filled words? I talk about my life. Currently a big focus is my weight loss goals. Now there are so many contradictory statements […]