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Meet Jemma

As Lulu moved with my roommate to California, I adopted Jemma. She was a shy cat at the Humane Society… or so I thought. The people at the Humane Society thought she would take a month before she was ready to get out of the room. Enter Day […]

Day 7: Prosperity Game

As I have been  traveling and not playing the Prosperity Game… I have to figure out how to spend $25,000 today. First off, as I am checking things off my list, the first goes to getting a Queen sized Intellibed. At Intellibed I will be getting the works… […]

Trip Instagrams

Here we go backwards throughout the trip… highlighted first is the $5 Avocado Toast from Voyager Craft Coffee. My sister took a picture too which a friend told her to label ‘Hipster Toast.’ I discussed the ever repeating Buzzfeed joke about ‘If you buy Avocado Toast you will […]