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Writing Out Blessings

May you discover… that shining Joy that makes your heart smile. May each moment… reward you with the kinds of Abundance you desire a Fountain of Love a Crowd of Friends a Mountain of all those shiny electronics an Endless Harvest of Foods, each bite tasting better than the […]

Thinking of Changing some things

I have been brainstorming. Even if I complain of limited budgets, I realize I have a whole lot more than many people. I shouldn’t be promoting myself, and asking for support on Patreon. (Yes, I realize it is still Summer… just looking forward to Apples and Pumpkins.) I […]

Step 1: The Art is the Artist

After thought on the Historical question of what Art is, I have noticed the ever increasing distance from identifying the image as Art, and more of a realization of the Artist being the Art. This is something that an Artist needs to realize. That the image they create […]

News on iPad Pro

After spending a great deal of the amount I had saved, I got it in my mind to simply buy the iPad Pro with a monthly payment, however, first I called up my sister to talk it over. She asked me: “Did you ask Mom for help?” Me: […]