Writing up last nights dreams

I woke up early around 6AM today, but decided to sleep until 8AM. This afforded me a second round of dreams.

First Round of Dreams

In one I looked through a house at the food supplies finding Kiwi and a few other things moldy. After that I looked at the pantry and found moldy lemons. I was about to throw out the lemons when my roommate appeared to tell me they were fine and to just cut off the outside part. So I proceeded to cut up lemons and squeeze out the juice. I was unsure how safe the juice was, but considered making lemonade with it.

In another part of the dream I was in a college like setting. There was a professor who explained either Neuroscience or Psychology to me. I got into a debate with him about how his views were too old fashioned and stuck in outdated ideas. I then walked out of the college and found myself at the steps of my apartment. I was worried I had upset the professor but he appeared and told me there was no offense taken.

Suddenly my best friend from High School appeared and I wanted to take her to Elevation Burger (this closed months before the lockdown.) She said it would take too long to get there on the bus. So I bought a car which ended up being a car I had long ago. I reviewed the driving instructions in my mind (I have been using Uber, Lyft, Bus and Walking for years where I live and do not currently have a car.) I passed the mental review of driving skills and started driving to Elevation Burger.

Second Round of Dreams

I started dreaming about the haircut and hairstyle I had planned before the lockdown. I had been growing out my hair to donate it. The very same week the lockdown started in Michigan was the week I had my hair appointment scheduled.

My plan was to get a jaw length layered bob ombré with blonde at the ends. I would than dye my hair with Overtone in the Teal shade. I imagined this would turn the brown part of my hair darker and give me Teal ends where the blonde was.

However, in the dream I thought about how I might not be back to work for a while, and investing in such a haircut once hair salons reopen might be a waste of money. So in the dream I decided to have my Mom cut and dye my hair.

When I woke up I bought hair cutting scissors off of Amazon, and started researching how to do my own blonde ombré. My Mother however reports she does not want to help me dye my hair and the best she can do is get a relative who is a hair dresser to come to cut my hair into a bob.

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