Empathy, eating, and depression

Hello all,

Sometimes a question about empathy crosses my mind. It is not a question of simple empathy, but the psychic kind that can occur free of thinking. Some people really reflect the feelings of others just by being nearby. There are those that argue we all have the psychic kind of empathy, but some are better at ignoring, and blocking.

Now, think about the horrible factory farm conditions that so many animals face, and so many people eat. If a person can reflect another’s feelings simply by being nearby, imagine what eating the result of pure suffering could do to a person. You are what you eat.

So I wonder, if some people’s depression can be cured by either switching away from factory farm food, or being vegan.

This idea has often crossed my mind, and now I have finally written it down. I have been thinking of becoming vegan, or mostly vegan, lately. It seems so many spiritual teachers promote an all vegan diet, but I know it is not an easy thing to do. Even being Pescetarian can be hard. I often remember all those easy frozen meals, and how yummy they were. Now I am stuck with just a few varieties of frozen meals (for when I am being lazy) and I am sick of them.

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