Month: August 2016

The EPIC Fall…

I am so looking forward to Fall. The time of change, where the trees that were one shade turn into royal reds and yellows. I have not forgotten the predictions of Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) along with many others who feel Change is in the Air. His movie […]

Cannot fathom…

Here I am with time to write, having spoken at length about starting to write any thought that enters you mind when you have no ideas towards what to write… I have an overarching Intuition that I do not feel much like posting. This seems to be a […]

Writing Out Blessings

May you discover… that shining Joy that makes your heart smile. May each moment… reward you with the kinds of Abundance you desire a Fountain of Love a Crowd of Friends a Mountain of all those shiny electronics an Endless Harvest of Foods, each bite tasting better than the […]

I have a feeling I should write, but I know not what about. Writing is, in a way, a form of entertainment. I have been listening to the two Dolores Cannon books on Next in line is an Alan Watts or Abraham Hicks audiobook. I intend to stay […]