Weight as protection

When I was in college my hygiene was horrible. They do say that bad hygiene sometimes comes with mental illness, but I am going to look at it another way.

At first glance, maybe, I was using my bad hygiene to remain isolated. If people thought I was disgusting, they wouldn’t approach me. Subconsciously I was creating the environment I felt at home in.

Yet, as I read about rape on campuses, I wonder if it was for protection. Most men wouldn’t target the lady with hairy legs, and smelliness.

I came to this conclusion because now I am overweight. When I think about losing weight, sometimes the thought comes to mind that I’d be more likely to get raped if I did. I don’t know where this idea comes from, but it makes me wonder if I used other strange techniques before gaining weight?

I just remembered this theory while watching Teal’s video on weight loss.

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