Bentinho Massaro

The Day 2 Challenge


First off, watching Bentinho explain what the 3 Day Process is would explain what I mean by the Day 2 Challenge.

This Challenge has recently hit me on my Blog. My old articles are getting views, but the readership on my new articles is down to zero. I had a theory that because some people are unable to like my posts, perhaps views of long time readers are no longer showing up.

I was watching this video…

this is a youtube site called I was wondering personally if I would like to have to deal with the legal system to become rich at all. I tend to be the kind that dreams of being rich, and enters Sweepstakes. Another on this channel asked me the question, if I were a Millionaire right now, what would I be doing.

My first thought was swimming in a heated pool. Then I thought more realistically that chances are I would be watching this same Youtube Channel, because of my over expansive quest for… I am not even sure exactly what I am looking for. I just like watching videos talking about (in this case) Matt Kahn, Bentinho Massaro, and Bashar.

Then I thought that if I’d be doing the exact some thing, perhaps in a bigger space, different location, why would I need a million dollars? Maybe people would stop recommending random locations to work at,if I had lots of money, is my main reason. I want people to stop pushing me and let me be. I do have two part time jobs.

Even Matt Kahn encourages ‘any’ kind of employment over too much free time. Until something starts paying a full time salary, it is a hobby, he says.

And here I am on my Day 2 Challenge with my Blog. My newest posts are just not getting read. I don’t even know if this one will be read. Yet, I blogged for a long time with no readers. I didn’t use to blog as often then.

All I had was a spam bot that liked every post, and I thought it was actually a real person. Only to later look in my Spam Comment folder to find the same name sending me Spam. I had been a little upset that they liked things so fast that there was no chance they could have actually read anything. I thought they were trying to show support.

I am beginning to wonder, what I did to upset all my readers. Was it the confession that I took down? Was it my questioning if Ascension has anything to do with symptoms? Was it the mellow drama of turning my blog to private for a day over embarrassment from my confession. Maybe they don’t like me posting about Zazzle?

I am saying that being reminded of the Day 2 Challenge made me wonder if this is indeed my Day 2 Challenge? It has been quite a long Challenge, Blogging. Finding the motivation to keep posting in the start, when you have so few readers. As I stated before my first year gave me 8 views. It wasn’t till my third year that I started having any real success.

Now that I have the habit of Blogging, will I keep Blogging if at present I have only one reader who cannot be asked to read all my posts. Or maybe something is broken with my site where Followers don’t show as views.

This might be the height of my Day 2 Challenge before Day 3. Day 3 is success. I really hope it doesn’t last long, as I intend to keep on Blogging readers or no readers. I can always bug other Bloggers with Comments if WordPress gets lonely. (That is what I used to do.) I have posted so many Comments to AngelicView, and long ago Laura Bruno’s Blog. I was frankly worried that I might be annoying them.

Just keep Blogging.

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  1. haha… it was read. My icon doesn’t show but thinking of you. We don’t always see (at first) the ripple effect of our work. Keep writing/blogging 🙂

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