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Waking with the Sun

Woke up this morning before the sun was even completely up. No I need to sleep to at least 9am. Yet, as I didn’t fall back to sleep, and the room kept on getting brighter, I gave in and got up at 8:20am. (I went to bed at 11:30pm, […]

Sleepy Day

Today I already took a two hour nap, and I just want to snuggle into my blanket, again. I will be paying for my two hour nap when it is harder to fall asleep tonight as a result. Last night, as you might have noticed, I had a […]

Update: Me

Yesterday was a free day for me. I had plans on cleaning, but soon found myself feeling sick and tired. My head hurt, and everything in it, from my teeth to my eyes, felt like an infection was setting in. My solution to such a thing is to […]

The ghost of Alice

While on vacation with my sister and my toddler nephew I was sleeping. I was in an interesting dream about the house falling on me when I was in Detroit, and all the peace I had taken for granted (between democrats and republicans) coming to an end. Then […]