Month: July 2014

Doreen Virtue: Did it work?

Hello, I am still shocked that my prayer was answered. In a way, I got exactly what I prayed for. In Doreen Virtue’s book, Healing with the Angels, it encourages praying for being healed of ones illness. My prayer went a little something like this: Please heal me […]

I give up

Originally posted on Help Me! Blog:
It’s nearly midnight on a Friday night and I’m at my mum’s watching junk on Netflix and hating myself. I’ve spent the last week going through three shoe boxes of receipts dating back 18 months. All my spending habits there in black and…

Thoughts over tea

I am feeling better today, less like something is wrong. I had a dream in which I was diagnosed autistic, but was told I was too old to be helped. My mind was already set in its ways. It was too late. I also had a dream in […]

Deep in thought

Hello, I have been deep in thought today. I feel something is wrong, like I made a mistake, but I cannot tell what it was. It could have been so many things. I saw my therapist today, and I gave my childhood memories to them. I doubt that […]

Solo Day by B1A4

Hello World, As you might know, I am a K-pop fan. I will often resist listening to a new band for a while. Even with bands that have been around years, I just don’t bother to give them a chance. Then suddenly, I find myself running out of […]

Got7 and writing

I watched k-pop music videos late into the night, last night. I suddenly felt inspired to imagine stories, and the videos were also aiding in the imagination. (I hadn’t done that combination for years.) Got7’s ‘A,’ made me think about a humanoid species I created for my imaginings. […]


It is quiet enough at the library to afford a little writing. I do not know for how long I will be writing everyday, and might not post what I write. I picked up a Dreamcatcher last week. A new store opened up in town with crafts made […]

Posting from phone

Hello, If there are any errors, I am sorry, but I make more mistakes on my phone. I did a Doreen Virtue guided mediation last night. I let the angels know my worries, and they promised to support me. They reinstated the importance of following my own path. […]