Art, Writing and the Concept of Profit

Yesterday I decided it was time to start up digital art again. I like to do artwork while listening to spoken word in the background. I feel I get connected to whatever energy the person is in through art when I do this.

I have a Zazzle Store that holds some of my older artwork. I stopped updating it because the cost was to high for customers with too little return for me.


by PeaceNowFlower

I reduced the prices as much as I could because I fluctuate between giving my work away for free and thinking that the artwork will be valued more if I charge a higher price. Currently, I have my profit percentage as low as it will go at Zazzle because this is my old artwork and I feel I have improved.

I enjoy the process of making digital art more than the complications of figuring out how to sell it online. I used to just post my artwork with no watermark online, but my sister told me to at least add a watermark.

To sell my artwork for a better price I’d have to spend my own money to post it on ETSY. Which includes designing a storefront and all. If someone really wants a print of my more current work please contact me and I will try to get an ETSY posting up through Printful.

Currently my focus is more on creating than profit in art and writing. I was doing well posting daily many years ago. Than I looked at the amount of views I’d need to make money as a blogger on Perhaps my audience is a little to much of a niche.

So while I have old dreams of making an income blogging and doing digital art, I am mainly posting now to feel productive. I enjoy these things and I am not half bad at them. I’d likely do more writing and artwork daily if it were easier to get a return on the effort.

I guess there would be more pressure in writing, if my income was based off of it, and I might be inclined to create artwork when I wasn’t feeling in the flow. Yet, I need to learn how to get in the flow of creativity when I need to. There are tricks like listening to music or aligned podcasts/radio shows/etc.

I have full plans of creating another piece of digital art today. I will be listening to a spiritual teacher call Matt Kahn around 7pm EST. I am currently in the Total Integration program. I signed up late so while many others have already renewed for another year, I need to decide if I will take a break from the cost of the program for a little while and catch back up later. The program is well within budgeting range. Even if it is a while before my work starts back up.

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