Idol sacrifice… j/k What k-pop Idols give up

I continue to watch k-pop music videos. Do you want to hear a little about k-pop?

The artists continue to amaze me with their hard work and talent. Yet, the contracts that k-pop artists sign are sometimes called slave contracts. Beyond just the long years of promoting, practicing, and performing the Idol often gives up the chance to date. If the agency doesn’t restrict it, then crazy fans do.

Simon and Martina brought this topic to my mind today. Here is the video.

Simon and Martina mentioned Jonghyun (SHINee) crying as apologized to fans for his relationship. I think his tears were from the total unfairness of having to apologize for dating someone. His fans are cheering for him. He normally loves this, but his fans are also keeping him from a chance of normalcy.

I watch the show, ‘We Got Married.’ In this show Idols pretend to be married as they are filmed. Taemin (SHINee) is on the show, and, considering what happened to Jonghyun, this is his only chance to publicly date. Not only does Taemin get to bypass the fans, but he also is given time to date. No wander he fell in love so quickly.

So, when you watch the Idols talent and skill, just remember how much they are giving up for their passion.

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