The Spirituality of Reading Steven King


This post is a lesson on what you could be missing out of, by monitoring your thoughts to stay out of the shadow. The scarier books of Steven King or even a well made horror movie, are tools for seeing the shadows in its darkest forms.

There are Lightworker’s who would be tempted to think that those who write or read/watch such fear are lowering their vibration. Yet, what they are doing is facing fear head-on, in a safe environment. A horror movie, in its most artistic forms, can pull up deep hidden fears, and give them a symbol to focus on.

In the end, after the reader/viewer has dealt with the fear, they find themselves of a higher vibration then they could ever be by hiding away.

There is another essential element to horror. The compassion the reader/viewer feels. It isn’t wasted but goes out into the collective to be felt by those in the moments when their life is almost like a horror movie.

It is a while yet, until Halloween, a time of year where I am often tempted to watch something scary. Frankly, I am a wimp when it comes to horror movies, often thinking about them for years after watching them. I cannot guess how many times late at night, my mind wondered to the ring, and I had to face that fear once again.

Tip to those who have a symbol like the little girl from the Ring to deal with: Have you ever tired mentally projecting yourself as hugging that little girl, and saying, “I Love You.” And not just faking it, but really feeling the Love flow through you? I actually did that in a dream once, and afterward, I realized it might be the most effective way to deal with symbols of fear.

Matt Kahn might suggest the words, “I respect your power.” In his latest youtube video on the Shadow.


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  1. I decided to wait to watch the video because of its length, but I like your message. I read through my spiritual journal yesterday and an entry mentioned an act of letting go of fear to work with snake in the spirit form. I was working more with shamanic witchcraft at the time, and snake was scary to me even in thought form. I certainly am not going to approach a snake in the physical form unless it is a docile pet snake or enclosed in a zoo. It seems silly to be afraid of the thought of a snake though. The entry stated that, in meditation, I let a black snake place its head on the palms of my hands and then I kissed it on top of the head. The feeling of fear was replaced by love and acceptance as the snake agreed to help me. It is natural instinct to avoid what we fear. That is a crucial instinct for survival in some situations. However, sometimes it is better to face a fear head on. This is especially when no real harm will come to you from facing that fear. Thank you for the thought-provoking post. 🙂

    • Your representation of fear is the classic one. It could almost go beyond just symbolizing a spirit animal with all the biblical text writing the devil as a snake.

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