Is it really ‘Soon’ as in Soon Soon

As someone who is rather late to the game of Disclosure, or Ascension. Or whatever you want to call this change that is everyone is talking about. I cannot help, but look at the long time others have been waiting. Some people have been channeling about this moment a good 10 years.

Around the year 2012, a lot of people felt that the time was soon. The time they had been waiting for needed no more waiting. Yet, the time came and went. I got to thinking about this because David Wilcock said, he would finally take a real vacation once the Disclosure/Ascension happens. How long do you think that David will work.

David speaks of people who have known of the Cabal and resisted against it throughout History. These people resisted their entire lives, generation after generation. Could it really be happening Soon.

In the Bible there is talk of what we today refer to as the Ascension. Ancient Civilizations one after another talk of this time. Is it really time? Is it Soon.

The freedom that William Wallace, and so many others died for. Scotland might not have voted to leave the U.K., but this freedom will be for the World.

I remain suspended between faith and doubt. Could the dreams of humanity really come true? I want the evidence to push the doubt away. Something beyond the words on a screen, or from a speaker. The proof in life, that cannot be denied. I am waiting for the World to reflect the change within me. Because despite what Matt Kahn says about not waiting for the world to reflect your change before being happy. I want the whole world to reach the goal of freedom.

I don’t want to walk down the street, intending that every step bring the world closer to the Golden Age, and then see no results. I want my steps to be as powerful as they are. If I intend my teethbrushing to purify the world’s oceans, or my bites of food to liberate humanity from the darkness, I very well expect results.

Why? Because I don’t want to be the only one in Joy. I don’t want to follow my Joy as others suffer. I want freedom not just for one country, but a true lasting freedom for the world.

So they say it is soon, any day now, any minute now. A Flash of Light, a data-drop of information. Let it be so.

I do not want to be among those who wait a lifetime.

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  1. It’s been soon forever. They tell you soon so you keep listening. Most of the major channeled information that are hugely popular will not tell you soon. Listen to Esther Hicks or Bashar. For my tastes they seem more accurate.

    • Bashar charges money do I so not listen to him. I think that a lot of people are more accurate then they think. It’s just the one which resonates most at the moment. Reality is different for everyone. Each person does their best to convey their personal reality. I think that there is meaning for the soon. That each person is do close to realizing. Time is not real. All time is happening at once. It has always been soon, in that a part of you is already there. But in our linear experience we do know this yet.

  2. For me its all happening gradually, their is no big event, only moment by moment discovering our Magnificent Self and living as the Master Creator we each are… being the new standards radiating out to others who will resonate when they are ready for true freedom. love your blog and will enjoy following your journey x barbara x

  3. Be in your joy. It doesn’t help those who are suffering for you not to be in your joy. When in joy, that is the vibration you are putting out there, which helps change the world.

  4. Great! Peaceful joy sounds good. I said joy because you said, “Because I don’t want to be the only one in Joy. I don’t want to follow my Joy as others suffer.”

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